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Greek Yogurt Oikos 2% Blackberry

The perfect snack should sweep you off your feet and transport you to your perfect escape moment. Here’s a little preview: you’re walking in the forest on a beautiful summer afternoon. As you near a clearing in the trees, you find a huge blackberry bush full of ripe and succulent fruit. You pick a few handfuls and then you lie down in the grass. That’s what we had in mind when we created Oikos 2% Greek Blackberry yogurt. What do you picture?


Yogurt (skim milk, cream, active bacterial cultures), fruit on the bottom (sugar, water, blackberry puree, blackberries, corn starch, natural flavour and colour, carrageenan, sodium citrate, citric acid).

Nutritional values
Container size/Multipack x4
Greek Yogurt Oikos 2% Blackberry

Actus Oikos