DanOn Genius Shopping list

How does the shopping list work?

You can generate a shopping list based on the recipes you plan for the current and following weeks.
The ingredients for these recipes will automatically be added to your shopping list, taking into account the number of servings required.
You can deselect a recipe to remove its ingredients from your shopping list.
This does not delete the recipe from your calendar, and you can reselect it to make the ingredients reappear in your shopping list.

You can also change the quantity of the ingredients, add ingredients manually and share your shopping list by email.

How can the shopping list be shared?

When you access the My shopping list section using your computer, you can send your shopping list by email to the recipient of your choice at any time.
To save time, you can add the email address of your recipient to your profile.

Where do I find the shopping list history?

You can only consult the shopping lists associated with the current week and coming week. Your previous shopping lists are not archived.