The danon programme Registration

What shall I do if I do not receive an email confirming my registration?

First, check your internet connection, then try to register again using the same personal information. Also, check that the message has not been marked as Spam in your email inbox.
If the problem persists, contact the DanOn customer care department.

How can I unsubscribe from the programme?

To stop DanOn contacting you, sign in using your email address and password. Access your profile, then go to the ""My Personal Info"" section and modify your choices by checking ""Yes"" or ""No"" for the various communications offered.
The data history for your profile will not be deleted, but DanOn will no longer be able to contact you. You can always sign in again later using your ID and password.
To request that your details be fully deleted from your profile, you can contact the DanOn customer care department.

How can I register from outside metropolitan France?

You must have a postal address in Canada. If this condition is met, you can register.