DanOn Genius Recommendations

How can I exclude certain ingredients from your recipe recommendations?

Access your profile to enter all ingredients that you want excluded from our recommendations.

You can also reject a recommendation by clicking Ignore this recipe and specifying the ingredients you do not like in the recipe. DanOn will take this information into account in subsequent recommendations.

How can I plan a recipe for a specific day of the week?

First, visit the web page of the recipe that interests you. On the calendar, select the day on which you would like to prepare the recipe, then click the Plan button.

Over which period can recipes be planned?

You can plan recipes and consult them for a two-week period: the current week and coming week.

How does the Maintaining a balanced diet section work?

The Maintaining a balanced diet section helps you balance your diet each week.

DanOn recipes are arranged into five categories: meat, fish and seafood, meat substitutes, vegetables and starchy foods.

As you add recipes to your calendar, a graphic shows you which dish categories you have chosen most often, allowing you to vary your weekly menu.

The graphic highlights which dishes contain more calories than others: white spokes are displayed inside the category icon.
DanOn recommends that you eat a maximum of two such dishes in a seven-day period.