Danone products Product shelf life

How to read the expiration date?

"The date on our product is written as YYYYMMDD HH:MM B So Year / Month / Day /Hour / Machine"

How long is the product edible after the expiry date?

Like all dairy products, yogurt should preferably be eaten before the "best before" date. However, there is no danger in eating the product a few days after this date if it has been propely refrigerated. We recommand that the product not be eaten a week past the expiry date

Can I freeze a yogurt or fresh milk product?

It is possible to freeze the yogurt, for example at night to keep cold longer in the lunch box the next day. However, the texture will not be as creamy as usual and it will need to be well stir. For yogurts that contain probiotics, such as Activia and DanActive, their properties can be reduced.

How long should a product be kept after opening?

We garantee the product's freshness until the expiry date. However, it is possible when you use many times the same large container, that the product was contaminated without knowing (with saliva or other food). So the texture could be modified (to be more liquid, for example).

Can I consume a product that has been stored at room temperature?

Because yogurt contains heat-activated fermenting agents, it should not be stored at room temperature. However, keeping yogurt at room temperature for one hour should not have major consequences; again, this is not recommended.