DanOn Genius How it works?

How does DanOn Genius work?

DanOn Genius is a service that allows you and your family to eat well, in all simplicity. Thanks to its intelligent technology, DanOn Genius will recommend recipes to you every week, taking into account:

- Your food preferences
DanOn Genius learns your tastes by observing the recipes you plan. You can also specifically declare which ingredients you want to be excluded from your recommendations.

- Your balanced diet
DanOn Genius recommends a balanced selection of meals for your coming week, from among 2,000 recipes, based on the nutritional qualities and seasonality of thousands of ingredients.

- Users' favourites
DanOn Genius also take into consideration other users' ratings of the recipes in order to recommend the current most popular dishes to you.

These recommendations will help you to eat healthily while pleasing the whole family!