DanPoints Bonus Shop

What kind of bonuses can I get from the Bonus Shop?

The Bonus Shop lets you redeem DanPoints for bonuses. Right now, you can get exclusive discount coupons which entitle you to even better discounts than those found at DanOn.ca.

Do I need DanPoints to print exclusive discount coupons from the Bonus Shop?

Yes. Everything available at the Bonus Shop can be purchased using DanPoints. To find out more about how to earn DanPoints, click here.

Will there be anything other than print-at-home coupons available at the Bonus Shop?

Absolutely! For now, the Bonus Shop only gives you the chance to get exclusive print-at-home coupons. We are currently working on expanding our offers. You should be able to find new ways to save on your favourite Danone products sooner than you think!

I'm having trouble printing my coupons from the Bonus Shop. What should I do?

Please contact our customer service department by clicking here.